Kevin is the biggest minor character and maybe not appear in any of his videos, but seen in "All Vines of KEVIN MeZA" and "Top 10 vines of KEVIN MeZA". He is Josh's best friend and loyal, but still giving Josh a hard time. 


He is a happy, non-innocent, smarty-pants child that doesn't regret ANYTHING. He-unlike Allan-is loyal to Josh.


"What are you talking about?"

"Okay!" in a "joe innocent" face.

"i understand!"

"Thanks for telling me!"

"Good morning! Very good day today!" in a asian accent.

"Like somebody, f@#* you, b@#$*!"

"He's like: !"


"iEscuchaste el que murio? HA HA HA!"

"Go suck a PANIS!"

"Stop talking!"

"OOOH! Josh!!!"

"Dude, stop cursing!"


  • His full name is Kevin S. Meza-Garcia
  • He owns a PS4 Slim
  • He's dumb compared to Allan
  • He's known Allan longer than Josh
  • He moved neighborhoods